Jetsonian Vision of the Future of Healthcare




Hello, For those old enough to remember, The Jetsons was a TV program on in the 70’s I believe that was geared to what things would look like in the future.
I remember as a child, it was a pretty exciting thing to think about this , kind of like when we landed on the moon..

Now enter the future of health care..I have no doubt that PCP will need to adapt to some changes in the future..some goes as far as to say we need to reinvent ourselves…I am not sure on that however what I am sure on is with the advent of GAWA (google, apple, Walmart, and amazon) disrupting the health market in combination with CVS/Aetna , Walgreens/Medexpress UC, UHC/Optum and Davita affiliations will force present hospital systems that employ medical providers and those that are independent practitioners to continue to deliver the care that they have been doing so over the years but will need to do so focusing more on access, transparent price and value. For the most part, I believe it is a good thing for patients and it is an exciting time in medicine….Remote telemedicine and the use of artificial intelligence applied in the outpatient arena (hopefully for us to reclaim stolen time to give back to our patients) are just a couple of things to watch for in the coming years. I will try to highlight this in the coming months….