OEF’s (opposing external forces)

In the health provider world, how does one define success with what we do day in and day out?

There are many different opinions.  In my view, it is what we have done (not should have done) during our career and the difference we have tried to make in our patients lives that really matter the most. For those that may feel the same, how can we achieve that accomplishment when there are often unintended external forces often competing against our best efforts as we attempt to best serve our patients?

With much of the stress of day to day health practice in whatever form you deliver this care, I often think about the reasons that most of us went into our healing  profession. For me, at the risk of sounding self serving, a non-profit program that I founded and created (with a lot of help) entitled HealthyTown Eveywhere (HTE) was/is my salvation and brought me back to my roots.

I hope that other student Physicians and allied health students,  those in practice and those that have retired will find the same joy that I have found during my professional life by participating in a program that goes “outside their walls” that enriches their practice community.  I have always believed that you know you have the passion to participate in certain things if that effort makes your heart sing or make you cry.  That is what HealthyTown Everywhere has done for me.  It has been my salvation.  My wish and hope for Physicians and allied health professions at all the different stages of their career is that they will one day experience these feelings.  Do you have any  OEF’s and how do you balance this?  Feel free to comment.

For more information about HTE, please see our facebook page


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