Why I started this Blog


Good morning..

I started this blog because after almost four decades of experience and still practicing as an FP, living through about every business model imaginable and still standing (and by the way thriving!),  I believe I may be able to offer some fresh perspectives to my readers that could be helpful for those that may need improvement of their work life balance.

I will try to blog about general and sometimes controversial information from the medical and lay literature in addition to personal perspective and experience.  I would encourage all who read this blog, from those just starting out to those that are getting ready to retire, to write back so we can all interchange and discuss our ideas.

What makes me the maven (a “know it all”)?  I am not…Do I have it all figured out?  Hardly..Do I have time to do this? Not really…So, why am I doing this?…I do this in the hope of giving fresh perspective and energy to those just starting their journey and to the some of the others who may have lost some joy, passion and spirit of maintaining their optimal W/L balance along the way , I hope some of the blogs will rekindle those emotions and recover that energy that we all started with.


In Good Health,

Paul Ehrmann, D.O.


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